New Website for Tiger Disc Golf Shop

We are pleased to announce the unveiling of a new website for Tiger Disc Golf shop in Salem Oregon. We wish Roger and his staff all the best. He started his company recently and approached us to pursue his next step of growth. A website. We helped Roger sit down and organize a plan that included some e-commerce, a blogging… read more →

Winter Photography

Ah winter... A time when photography can be so perfect... Cold.. but perfect. I LOVE the snow. I love watching if fall and coat the earth with its white blanket. It does something to me emotionally. It give s me serenity and hope. Here in the Salem Oregon are we don't get as much as I personally would like. When… read more →

To delete or not delete…

Do you sell products? Do you have an e-commerce site? Can the customer post reviews or comments? Are your responses to their comments and concerns visible? A potential customer seeing a company actively addressing issues in a public forum can be comforting and show your level of concern for your customers. There seems to be a traditional view (in some… read more →

What are the goals of your website?

The goals of a website are critically important to its implementation. Additionally, the goals that you lay out for your website help define the next phases of its creation. In the previous article I presented a few scenarios for getting a website. simple "ad" type website - The goal is simply a basic static phone-book type ad. informational website - … read more →


I just wanted to pop on and announce the newest incarnation of the website. It is certainly a new format for us, with more tools, but we have grown and it was time for us to reflect that. Thank you for stopping by and hopefully you enjoy our newest version. We are excited to bring you some good information, advice,… read more →