Chili Monkey Spice Company

One of our favorite spice brands approached us with an opportunity to re-brand and we were happy to assist! We started out with a new, more approachable brand name and domain that more accurately reflected the company and its product. Enter Chili Monkey Spice Company.

Following the completion of the name research, came the new design language for the presentation. For the style guide, we developed a new cohesive 5 color palette to make the identity really come alive. As we are working with spices, we integrated earthy and rich tones to convey the product. With 5 approved colors we allow some flexibility in branding presentation in both light and dark situations.

Next came the standard branding font and then to round out the style guide…

We are pleased to present the new logo for Chili Monkey Spice Company.

Chili Monkey Spice Company Logo